Activity Based Working

Future generation of workspace lies with ABW or Activity Based Working. At the core, ABW is about providing people with choices, while reducing unused space. It gives employees a choice about how, when and where they work. In the office that means providing a choice of work setting, each designed for a different type of task. Office with worn-out finishing of furniture or bleak walls affects the business a lot. Bring a sleek, yet stylish, change with our ABW furniture range. Our variety offers you everything well-crafted, from collaborative lounge furniture to height adjustable desks.


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Conference Space
Brain Storming Areas
Concentration Zones
Lounge & Collaborative Workspace

When some companies seek agile or activity-based working, they are thinking about mobility, responsiveness, and adaptability. These three keywords thus come together to give individuals greater control over where they work. Today’s modern-day workspace needs an ecosystem that is continuously evolving. Infinity Workspace by First Floor Office World offers Casual Huddle Space for meetings, Collaborative Lounge for creating a semi-private meeting area, and also a Concentration Booth when you need relief from noise. And when you need to make an important call, head to the Call Booth that has been made with acoustic material. At First Floor Office World, we believe we can help people achieve more when they have a better experience in the environment we create for them.